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APCdev's clients represent a diverse selection of small and mid-sized companies. Among them Non-Profits, Retail businesses and Consultants. We'll be happy to provide case studies, and examples of products and services we have provided, upon request.

Under certain conditions, we will also be able to set up demo or trial versions of our products to allow prospective clients to view working systems, and test them under real world (production) conditions.

In a handful of cases, we are bound by NDA (Non Disclosure Agreements) with some of our clients and will not be able to specifically reference them or the exact product/service provided, but we can share the nature of the work done.

To conclude, we'd like to add that more than viewing our clients as customers in the traditional sense, we see them as partners. We want to have a relationship with each of our clients that goes beyond a single sale or service, and look forward to partnering with them for the foreseeable future. If our clients succeed, then so will APCdev! And you can count on APCdev wanting to succeed.

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