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While APCdev does not have a catalog of specific products (we consider that as somewhat limiting from a philosophical standpoint), we do have a suite of products which we have implemented more than once in prior engagements. From a practical point of view, this means that we have the in house expertise and familiarity with the solution that makes deploying it again a fairly straightforward process. We subscribe to the PMI's (Project Management Institute) definition of a project as a temporary and one-time endeavor undertaken to create a unique product or service, which brings about beneficial change or added value. We also adhere to the PMI's standards in everything having to do with project management as a discipline.

What that means is that for all practical purposes, our projects produce new solutions and the documentation necessary for their successful implementation. Once a project concludes, APCdev finds itself with a product or service that is replicatable with a great deal less effort than went into the original project that created it. While some of our projects and resulting solutions are unique, a fair amount of them apply to just about any company. It is these solutions and services that we can leverage so as to provide our clients with tested, reliable, maintainable, cost efficient solutions.

The following are among the most popular solutions within our portfolio at this time:

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