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Partners / Alliances

APCdev partners with individuals and companies whose capabilities and expertise complement our own. We firmly believe that in today's rapidly changing world it is futile to try and be experts in everything. Rather, we concentrate on what we consider our core specialties, and partner with others whose core specialties mesh seamlessly with ours, in order to offer homogenous services and products to our customers.

Our mission can only be successful thanks to our partners and associates, and in turn, we are committed to their success as well. APCdev owns and leads certain projects, while in others we participate as core specialty providers to similar companies building services or products for their clients. In either case, whether it's our name and reputation at stake, or someone else's, we concentrate our full knowledge and expertise to solving the problem at hand.

While we cannot list every single associate, we do want to highlight our key partnerships and alliances:

- The Open Source Community
- The Japan Consulting Consortium International (JCCI)
- Data Software

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