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The word "Wiki" comes from the Hawaiian language and means fast. What a Wiki is, in a nutshell, is a collaborative environment for the publication of articles, which are able, or even highly encouraged, to be crosslinked. The most well known example of a Wiki is Wikipedia, which is a user-authored, dynamic encyclopedia growing as we speak at astounding speeds. It's rapidly becoming the preferred source of knowledge on the web, with its users contributing articles on past and current events, persons, objects and anything else one would expect from an encyclopedia.

Wiki is the framework upon which Wikipedia is built, and it allows for the set up of a controlled environment for the publication of documents by registered users, with the oversight of an editorial group or committee. Wikis are being used by more and more companies as storehouses of knowledge regarding products, or well defined subject matter areas. Some are accessible to a company's clients, while some are for a company's internal use only, although they may allow outsiders read-only privileges. Examples of the former are the many product knowledge bases that are quickly replacing manuals and even support groups, with the products' users contributing articles on how to resolve issues or enable added functions. Examples of the latter are the many knowledge bases being built by companies to replace their static and outdated policies and procedures. Employees contribute articles and update them to reflect changing conditions, thereby saving millions of dollars a year, in some cases, according to statistics published so far, not to mention the competitive advantages such a dynamic environment brings to table.

The Wiki framework is Open Source, and distributed via a GPL license. APCdev provides the expertise to quickly set up a Wiki for your company, configuring it according to your needs. We'll also advise you on the Do's and Don't's involved in this revolutionary technology, so you can avoid any pitfalls.

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