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Open Source Community

The Open Source Community has come a long way since Linus Torvalds kickstarted it with his flagship creation, Linux. Today, the Open Source Community has gained full respectability, with companies like IBM and Intel supporting Open Source as the very foundation of their commercial offerings, whereas a few years ago these same companies were the definition of proprietary.

Open Source is now a key part of most companies' IT strategy, and where it isn't then that company is losing competitive advantage needlessly. The products now available through Open Source initiatives are mature, supportable and robust. All that's needed in order to implement them is knowhow regarding their architecture and set up, balanced with an understanding of the business.

And this is where APCdev comes in. We are committed participants in the Open Source community and we've vetted many of today's Open Source offerings. We know which products work best, in which environments and how to implement and maintain them. Whether you're shopping for an off the shelf solution or you need a customized environment, check with us before selecting a product.

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