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Most successful companies start out as a great idea, or even a great product, that suddenly takes off. Somewhere along the way the company's offering reaches critical mass and orders start pouring in. That's when the real problems start. You can have the best product/service in the world, but you'll find that some percentage of users will always encounter problems with it, or have questions. That's easy to handle when you have 10 individual clients, but is your company prepared for the issues that a thousand clients can produce? What about ten thousand? Success can be the death of your company, especially when breaking out into a global market where different languages, cultures and time zones come into play.

Fielding issues and questions can be simple provided you have a system in place to register, track and respond to each one in a timely manner. A good system will also allow you to build a knowledge base while you're resolving issues, so that you fix each problem only once. Your product may be ready for the Big Time, but you can't conquer a global or corporate environment unless your clients see that you not only have a product, but also the infrastructure required to support it to their standards.

APCdev can provide and configure a state of the art Helpdesk application, assist you in writing your service level agreement for your clients/users, assist you in building your Helpdesk procedures, train your Helpdesk personnel or even provide all of the above as a managed service.

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