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APCdev as a company is organized around its projects (client engagements), with teams being formed ad hoc as required for the creation, customization and/or implementation/delivery of the product or service we've been contracted for. Each project team is assigned a Project Manager who is responsible for the execution of the work, and who leads the team for the duration.

Team members are then selected (from the active pool of APCdev personnel and associates) and assigned according to the knowledge and abilities required by the specific project. Once a project is successfully concluded, the team is disbanded (which means they become available for other assignments), and the finished products, along with their documentation (Knowledge Store), are placed in the APCdev Virtual Library where they can be maintained as necessary, as well as being available for replication and reuse of components in future projects.

APCdev has agreements with select individuals, whose expertise in their respective IT subareas, makes them key players within our delivery model. At the same time, we partner with other companies and organizations who are at the vanguard of their fields. When these resources come together under the APCdev umbrella for an engagement, a synergy is brought into play. That synergy, combined with our library of tools and components, allows us to deliver state of the art products and services in the most efficient way possible.

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